Tampa Bay Celtic Festival

& Highland Games

 Heavy Athletic Events


Open Stone Put

Similar to the shot put, except that a stone weighing between 16 to 22 pounds for men and 8 to 12 pound for women is used, it's called the “open” style, because any putting style is allowed including the most popular spin or glide. The throwing area is a bow drawn on the ground 4’6” wide and 7’6” long fronted by a 6” x 6” x 4’6” wooden block anchored to the ground. The thrower must keep one foot inside this area and not step over the back line, touch or step over the wooden block or the throw is a foul.

Braemar Stone Put

Similar to the open stone but must been thrown from the standing position using a heavier stone usually 22 to 30 pounds for men and 12 to 18 pounds for women. The same rules as the open stone apply.

Heavy Weight for Distance
56lb for men, 28lb for women

The weight can be of block or ball shape attached to a chain and handle with the overall length not to exceed 18” and been thrown one handed form a 4’ 6” x 9’ throwing area, The same rules are in effect as the stone puts.

Light Weight for Distance
28lbs for men, 14lbs for women

Same as Heavy Weight for Distance but using a lighter weight.

Hammer Throw

Unlike the Olympic hammer which is a steel ball on the end of a wire where the competitor is allowed to spin the Scottish hammer is thrown from a stationary position with the thrower facing away from the field, it is spun around the head and released back over the shoulder. Blades are sometimes attached to the throwers boost for extra stability. The hammer is of spherical shape with a rattan or pvc handle no more than 50”. The weight of the hammer is 16 or 22lbs for men and 12lbs for women.

Caber Toss

The Caber is a tree that can measure from 16 to 22 feet and between 90 and 150lbs which after being stood up on its narrow end is picked up by the thrower and cradled in the palms of the hands he or she will take a short run and stops and pulls up on the caber in an attempt to flip it end over end, A judge following behind the thrower will look to see where the caber has hit the ground in relation to a clock face a perfect throw being called a 12 o’clock, if the caber is not turned then a side judge will determine the degrees of angle.

Sheaf Toss

A burlap bag filled with chopped rope or straw weighing 16 or 20lb for men and 10 or 12lb for women is tossed over a crossbar using a 2 or 3 tine pitchfork, each competitor is allowed three attempts to clear the height before the bar is raised until the winner is decided.

Weight for Height

The weights for this are the same as the distance event (28lb & 56lb) except that the chain is shorter and is thrown over a crossbar using one hand, again three attempts are allowed in order to clear the bar, if the thrower misses all three then they are out of the competition and the bar is raised until one competitor is left.